SJCE and the Bushwick Book Club Seattle present The Bible

SJCE Bible show

Confluence/Influence: A Composer/Choreographer Pairing

SIFF: Sound of Silents with a Side of Schtick

Sound of Silents poster

Travel back to a bygone era when cinema and vaudeville shared the bill for a brief moment in history! A unique evening combining silent cinema, live music and unconventional vaudeville performance.

For your viewing pleasure, revel in an exceptional collection of both early cinema and contemporary silent work! Presenting a number of films from the first part of the last century, mixed in with the world premieres of works from local filmmakers made specifically for this event. Each film is accompanied by a brand new original score, performed live!

In between films, Moisture Festival performers transport us even further into this singular era of entertainment history with a carefully curated and curious collection of nationally recognized variètè acts. With the inimitable Kevin Joyce as our Master of Ceremonies, the evening will include live performances by world renowned star of stage and screen, Avner the Eccentric, the surreal Seattle acrobalancing duo of Dr. Calamari & Acrophelia, unexplainable illusion from San Francisco magician Paul Nathan, and nostalgic 1920’s melodies from the lovely Sandy Neale.

Presented by Moisture Festival in collaboration with SIFF, the Seattle Composers Alliance, and the Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble.

SJCE presents the music of Ennio Morricone


Original arrangements of iconic movie music by Ennio Morricone and new work. Featuring the compositions and arrangements of Michael Owcharuk, Nate Omdal, Jim Knodle, Ethan Thomas, Samantha Boshnack and Josh Rawlings.

• Elsa Nillson – Flute
• Brian Bermudez – Flute, Baritone Saxophone
• Mike Dodge – Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
• Beth Fleenor – Alto and Bass Clarinets
• Aaron Jenkins – Clarinet and Alto Saxophone
• Cynthia Mullis –  Alto and Tenor Saxophones
• Adrian Witherspoon – Trombone
• Ron Gilchrist – Trombone
• Nelson Bell – Tuba
• Scott Morning – Trumpet
• Samantha Boshnack – Trumpet
• Jim Knodle – Trumpet
• Jason Parker – Trumpet
• Michael Owcharuk – Piano
• Josh Rawlings – Piano
• Greg Belisle-Chi – Guitar
• Nate Omdal – Acoustic and Electric Bass
• Cody Rahn Drums

SJCE presents Classic Video Game Music


Slava Holiday Poster copy 2

Original arrangements of Ukrainian Carols and new Christmas music. Featuring music composed and arranged by Michael Owcharuk, Jim Knodle, Peter Stevens, Nate Omdal, Josh Rawlings, Michael Catts, and Bill Falconer.

  • Beth Fleenor – Clarinets
  • Cara Sawyer – French Horn
  • Jim Knodle – Trumpet
  • Jason Parker – Trumpet
  • Michael Owcharuk – Piano and Accordion
  • Josh Rawlings –  Piano
  • Nate Omdal – Acoustic Bass
  • Michael Catts – Acoustic Bass
  • Cody Rahn – Drums

SJCE presents The Birth of the Cool

BOTCposter copy

Selections from Miles Davis’ milestone album and new work for the original Birth of the Cool instrumentation. Featuring music composed by Michael Owcharuk, Jim Knodle, Nate Omdal, Nelson Bell, Elsa Nillson, Andrew Oliver and Michael Catts. 

  • Jason Parker – Trumpet
  • Cynthia Mullis – Alto Saxophone
  • Elijah Clark – Trombone
  • Cara Sawyer – French Horn
  • Brian Bermudez – Baritone Saxophone
  • Nelson Bell – Tuba
  • Michael Owcharuk – Piano
  • Nate Omdal – Acoustic Bass
  • Michael Catts – Acoustic Bass
  • Cody Rahn – Drums